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Brian Charles Films is a collaborative effort of iqoption two creative film makers, Brian Kunz and Charles Townsend. Based in Hampton Roads Virginia, this team is prepared to do whatever it takes to tell your story. Our passion for film making resonates with our adventurous clients and inspires them every time they watch their film.

Its more than just one day or one project, its about having a piece of art that speaks to you for years to come.

About the Team

Brian Kunz

Videographer - Editor - Producer

Motivated by his love for cycling, mountain biking and surfing, Brian started to film and produce action sports videos. An avid photographer and skilled editor, Brian co-founded Aloftpro LLC in early 2015 with his friend and brother-in-law Charles Townsend. The use of drones and technical equipment has expanded the creative horizons for Brian as he constantly seeks new and exciting projects.


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Videographer - Editor - Drone Pilot

After photographing and filming parties, weddings and events as an amateur for several years, Charles decided to finally "go professional" in early 2015. Working with his brother-in-law and friend Brian Kunz, Charles brings a love for capturing special moments, exploring new technology, and telling stories to this exciting venture.

Charles holds a FAA Part 107 Drone Pilot's License.